5 Things NOT to Do When an Earthquake Hits

5 Things NOT to Do When an Earthquake Hits

Japan is one of the most earthquake prone countries. If you plan to visit Japan you should get information of earthquakes.

Do not go out hastily

If you are inside a building and furniture is falling apart and people are lying down, you may feel like you want to escape in a hurry. However depending on the situation outside, it might be even more dangerous than inside. If it is a house that meets the earthquake resistance standards or a train, it can be judged as safer than outside so please do not rush out in a hurry. During shaking, the risk of injury when moving is increased and depending on the situation outside there is a possibility that the car will thrust in, the signboard and the window glass may fall off.

Do not approach the seashore

Needless to say, when an earthquake hits, a tsunami can come. Even if the epicenter is known and the tsunami does not come to the area, something might happen due to ground subsidence and further aftershocks. So you should move to a safe shelter promptly.

Do not use a lift

Even if the lift is working, you should use the stairs instead. Further aftershocks may occur while using the lift, which may stop and trap you. Being trapped in a lift may lead to death. If an earthquake occurs while in a lift, immediately get out at the next floor with a stairway.

Do not keep wearing stockings

There is a danger of getting caught on protrusions, but more seriously, is that stockings are very flammable.
Since stockings are made of petroleum, there is a danger that it will melt when you catch fire and could cause severe burns. I think that it will not become a device to protect myself in stockings, so if you have a chance of encountering a fire you should take off the stockings then move.

Do not light anything

When an earthquake strikes in the middle of the night and a blackout happens at the same time, people who smoke may want to check the situation by using a lighter, but there is a possibility that there have been gas leaks due to the earthquake. If you light a lighter in such a situation, there may be a serious secondary disaster, so it definitely shouldn’t be done. Therefore you should prepare a small light to cope with blackouts. Also, even smartphones have apps that make the screen blank and play the role of flashlight, so you can be prepared for any emergency.