Bathing at Home in Japan

Bathing at Home in Japan

Japanese people who love to take a bath have independently developed the facilities and methods of bathing at home.

The bathroom is separated from the toilet

There are separate areas/rooms for the bath, washing, and toilets.
Therefore multiple people can use each area at the same time.

There is a dedicated chair for the bath where you can sit and wash your body

In other countries, it is normal to wash your body while standing and taking a shower, so it may be a strange feeling.

Add various kinds of bath additives

In Europe and the US, people often use bathing products like bubble bath, but in Japan, bubble-less alternatives are often used.
In Japan, taking a bath has the important purpose of being relaxing, in addition to cleansing the body.
It seems that bathing products with a good fragrance, heat retention effects, moisturizing effects, and skin beautification effects are preferred.
In addition, there is a bathing product called “hot spring element”. This is made to resemble as much as possible the ingredients and fragrances of hot springs in various places.
Since it is often sold also in hot spring areas, how about getting it as a souvenir of your trip?

Heatable bathtub

Baths have can warm the water directly, you can warm the bath up without replacing the hot water.
The temperature of the hot water will drop as family members take their turn to have a bath.
By using this function, you can enjoy a warm bath anytime.

Remote control of the bath from the kitchen

You can operate the bath without going to the bathroom, such as specifying a desired water depth and temperature.

There is a call button in the bath

Although not in all homes, it is a very useful function for families with elderly people and children.

Use the remaining hot water for washing

There is a function for reusing hot water and saving water.
There is a hose that draws hot water from the bath to the washing machine and it is widely used. Although it may seem unsanitary, people in Japan always wash their body before taking a bath. It is thought that the hot water is kept relatively clean.

Indoor drying function is attached to the bathroom

This is also not in all homes, but it is a useful function for busy company employees.
It helps prevent mold in the bathroom and reduce the frequency of cleaning required in bathroom.