Bathing at Home in Japan

Japanese people who love to take a bath have independently developed the facilities and methods of bathing at home. The bathroom is separated from the toilet There are separate areas/rooms for the bath, washing, and toilets. Therefore multiple people can use each area at the same time. There is a dedicated chair for the bath […]

Effects of Hot Springs

In Japan, “Toji” has been used to treat diseases using hot springs for a long time. The recuperative effects of hot springs are highly valued in modern medicine. Hot spring water contains different dissolved components, varying geographically. Classifying these differences is known as the “spring quality”. It is said that hot springs have the following […]

Manners When Entering An Onsen/Sento

In Japan’s onsen/sento, there is a particular etiquette that should be followed when using onsen/sento, so that users can comfortably interact with each other. Let’s take good care of your manners and enjoy onsen/sento. Beforehand Put up long hair To prevent dust and dandruff from falling into the bathtub. Combine hairband, a towel, a shower […]