Manners When Entering An Onsen/Sento

Manners When Entering An Onsen/Sento

In Japan’s onsen/sento, there is a particular etiquette that should be followed when using onsen/sento, so that users can comfortably interact with each other.
Let’s take good care of your manners and enjoy onsen/sento.


Put up long hair
To prevent dust and dandruff from falling into the bathtub.
Combine hairband, a towel, a shower cap
Do not get drunk
After drinking alcohol, do not enter the baths for at least 2 hours.
Bathing after drinking is burdening the heart and hindering alcohol decomposition.
Taking photos is prohibited in the bathroom / dressing room.

When bathing

Before entering the bathtub, rinse yourself with hot water.
To prevent contaminating the hot water and to get used to the hot water.
Focusing on around the waist.
Towels and bathing suits are prohibited when entering the bathtub.
To prevent contaminating hot water due to germs on towels and bathing suits.
Do not jump into or swim in the bathtub.
Be considerate of your surroundings when taking a shower.
Be careful of the people around you and try not to get water from the shower on them.
Do not obstruct areas
When not in use, do not leave personal belongings in the way.
Do not dye your hair, brush your teeth, wash things.
To prevent contaminating the bathroom with detergent. It causes trouble to others.
Return everything used to its original place.
“Clean up after myself” is the basis.
Dry off completely before going to a dressing room.
To prevent the floor of the dressing room from getting wet


In case of children, check whether at their age they can enter mixed baths in advance.
It depends on the prefecture’s law. (Generally up to 8 to 9 years old)
Remember to hydrate carefully.
Be careful as the floor is slippery.
If it is too hot for you to enter the bath, pour hot water over yourself until you become used to it.